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ACF Global Logistics is a licensed Freight Forwarder and U.S. Customs Broker and can file your EEI/SED Schedule B filings for you for minimal cost, while providing compliance for your company. ACF Global will even assist you in classifying your product if you are unsure of the Schedule B classification. We provide Import/Export compliance auditing. If your company is looking for a partner to provide regular or one time audits of your Import/Export procedures, we can provide you with professional service and written findings. ACF Global can also actively manage your Import/Export department, allowing you to remain focused on your core business.

ACF Global will review your EAR and Customs transactions, SED/EEI filings and various other Export/Import records to review compliance, assist in best practice awareness and implementation and provide training as needed. While compliance obligations still rests with your company, we can assist in mitigating risk and maximizing compliance.

ACF Global provides due diligence necessary to screen products, parties, locations and end users to provide the highest level of assurance your export is in full compliance with the 10 General Prohibitions. We provide full service regarding export documentation ranging from EEI/SED filing and export licensing, Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice and Shippers Letter of Instructions. ACF Global can effectively manage your export requirements; as well we are a fully authorized third party licensee for BIS (Bureau of Industry and Security) and Department of Commerce export licensing. As an authorized third party licensee, we exercise due diligence on all controlled lists by OFAC, Commerce, Defense and various other agencies.

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